My newborn shoots are more a lifestyle approach which is in essence more of a natural and relaxed approach. Allowing me to focus more on your family life this means that I do not prop or pose your little one into unnatural positions, but instead I capture the precious memories, and tiny details of your little one!

Lifestyle newborn shoots take place in your home usually 7-14 days after your baby is born. However, the great thing about lifestyle shoots is that we can always do them later down the line. By coming into my clients home it allows me to tell a story in a way that I can't within the studio environment as we can use elements in your home that capture more of a meaning to your family. 


It’s not everyday you get to welcome a newborn baby into the world. Neither is it as easy as it sounds, but I don’t think you’ll argue, when I say it’s that which makes it one of the most magical moments of our lives.
And while the birth itself is a special time, it’s the short newborn period after your baby’s birth when they’ll be at their most adorable. Their wrinkles, rolls, tiny fingers, and even squid lips, are all features that as they grow older, we tend to forget - that’s if we don’t capture them through a photograph.
Which is why celebrating the birth of your little bundle with a newborn photoshoot, is not only a great idea, but also something that you’ll treasure in years to come.

Why should I book a NEWBORN photoshoot?

What happens on a NEWBORN photoshoot?

As you can imagine, newborn photography is a delicate procedure that I’m keen not to rush. My typical newborn shoot can take up to 3 hours - which gives plenty of time for nappy changes, feeds, settling and even an odd cup of tea!

This means that there is no rushing around, and we go at the speed of your little one! Throughout the session, I will encourage you to move, interact with your little one, and essentially just be yourselves. At-home lifestyle sessions are all about the connection that you have as a family and I'll aim to capture those special natural moments as they unfold in front of my eyes. 

We can also capture special moments with each family member as well as just some photos of the baby. If you also have siblings or pets that you want involved in the shoot we will look at doing these first, so that they can go and play during the rest of the session. If you do want some undressed, natural posed shots these are best done when baby is sleepiest. 

There are different factors that separate studio shoot compared to an lifestyle shoot - with one of the main things being the light. In a studio setting the light is controlled where at a lifestyle shoot this is not the factor. Don't worry - most spaces can be manipulated to ensure beautiful images. The best backdrop for a lifestyle have light neutral walls and furniture. However if you have dark red walls - don't worry we can find a spot in front of a window and shoot - if this is the case we can have a discussion before hand. 

I also suggest to de-clutter the space where you are looking at having your photos taken - even if you move it from one room to another - trust me it works!


1-3 Hour Shoot
HOme shoot
Professional Editing
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One of the most common concerns with a newborn shoot is whether you have missed the window for the 'newborn stage'. If you were wanting more of a 'staged' and 'posed' newborn session then you should ideally book your newborn photoshoot when you find out when your due date is - which is after your 12-week scan. 

This isn't the case for Lifestyle Newborn Photography sessions. 

Lifestyle shoots are more baby-led posing, meaning that your baby will tell us where they want to be positioned - either in your arms, or if they feel settled then popped down somewhere safe so they can stretch out - they can be both wide-eyed or fast asleep

Although every baby is so different so there can be a little bit of a timescale depending on what you want captured, you have to remember babies change very quickly in the first few weeks of their life; if you’re after preserving those baby wrinkles, the little flakes on their skin and all those details that disappear quickly. I would recommend you to have your photo shoot within the first 6 weeks.

 1-2 weeks: Babies are generally very sleepy, settle easily, and usually haven’t developed baby acne yet (3 weeks onwards). 

 2-4 weeks: An in-between phase where they could be either sleepy or wide awake. Not quite smiling yet but will typically look towards you. 

 4-6 weeks: Usually alert and can be sensitive to being moved around. They make eye contact and may have developed a social smile by this stage.

Ultimately a Lifestyle Newborn Session allows you the flexibility to book in for when you feel ready.

When should I book my Newborn shoot?

I want my baby to smile in their pictures. When do newborns smile?

If your baby’s over 2 weeks old don’t worry - newborn shoots are suitable for babies up to 6 weeks old. Typically around the 6 week period babies start experimenting with facial expressions, so if you’re looking for slightly more smiley shots then a later shoot may actually work out better.


If I book a newborn photoshoot, will my baby safe?

Yes - your baby’s safety is my top priority.
At no point throughout the shoot will your little one be put at risk. Any shots you see where a baby looks to be holding themselves up is all done through mix of clever prop work and editing trickery. However, depending on the poses you pick, I may ask for your assistance, which is why I always ask for you to be present throughout the shoot. 



  • If you are looking for a session that has a casual, natural feel without crazy props or poses then lifestyle is for you.
  • If your idea of the perfect photo is the whole family, pets included piled onto the bed laughing and smiling then lifestyle is for you.
  • If you have designed the most amazing nursery and you want photos showing off all the little details you picked out then lifestyle is definitely for you!



The Online gallery allows you to buy prints and wall art from professional printing lab, usb etc. Your family and friends can also place orders the same way or they can place them directly from me. 



When booking your session, we also book in a consultation, during which we can go through wardrobe ideas. However I always recommend to stick to the same colour palette and ideally neutral tones. Always avoid anything with big logos, text and prints to eliminate any distractions.