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OMG, my first blog – hi!

Hope you’ve enjoyed having a snoop around my new website. I’ve certainly enjoyed making it! I mean yes, it has kept me up until the early hours of the morning and been the cause of several computer rages, but you know what it’s all been worth it in the end. 

So I guess you could say this is me doing my best to use my time during ‘Lockdown season’ wisely. After all, COVID has made us embrace life online more than ever, so it only seems wise for me to up my game. When you consider that your website is essentially an online shop window, a refresh every now and again makes complete sense, especially when what you do is so visual like photography.

I know the wait has been long. In fact I can’t even count how many people have messaged me over the past couple of months saying “‘Hey! Where’s your website? Seen your Facebook and I want to see more”, so hopefully this site should satisfy all you eager beavers.

But hopefully you can see why it’s taken a good chunk of time to design and get live. Aside from making it functional, I also wanted to inject some of my personality into it through both design and writing. 

Design of the site also stretches into a colour scheme, which I think sums me up down to the ground. Anyone who’s done photography with me before will know I’m not your stereotypical photographer. I’m a bit ‘out there’ and kind of geeky in some aspects of my job, so I wouldn’t really describe myself as a typical ‘barbie girl’. So instead of a neon pink, I’ve gone for this slightly more subtly dark pinky burgundyey shade, which I think sums me up rather well. Plus, I also chose to animate my site so it’s a bit less flat and more interesting for you to navigate.

*If you can’t see the animations, STOP! Get off your phone and switch onto your laptop. 

You’ll also see that my website isn’t exactly thin. More like a website with a slight appetite for pictures and words. This is because when you’re booking something as special as a photoshoot or wedding photography, you don’t want to start with 1001 questions. You want to know exactly what you’re getting straight out of the box. And after all, a clearer picture for you means less interrogations for me, so I suppose you could call it a win-win. 

Those who’ve used me before will also recognise that I now offer a really broad scope when it comes to shoots. Car photography probably being one of the most ‘out there’. You may be wondering why I’ve taken this approach, even though the answer’s actually pretty simple. 

While all shoots are different, they all rely on the same set of skills. You need to be alert and ready to capture the moment, be you photographing a football team or the first kiss at a wedding. Angles are crucial too, be it capturing the vibe at a couples shoot or getting some stand out shots for a portfolio. Lighting also plays a major part in both newborn photography and studio shoots with the fam. Get what I mean?

So feel free to have a good old rummage around and if you like what you see, get in touch. I can’t wait to hear from you!

That diverse photographer in Harrogate, 

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