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Covid season hasn’t made it the easiest thing in the world to get married. For starters, there’s been all the rules and regulations, which have turned the task of arranging a wedding into a game of snakes and ladders. You get so close and before being forced all the way back to the beginning. For some couples this has been the case two or three times over. 

So as you can imagine, for a wedding photographer like me, the art of rescheduling has become second nature. Saying that though, I have managed to keep myself busy. Despite covid, some of my couples have managed to tie the knot. Lucky them! However, now the government has put a clear plan in place for phasing us back to ‘normality’, there is hope. Quite a lot of it actually. 

Now as you’ll probably guess, the season has been tough on a lot of those in the industry. Many have had to let staff go, or even worse shut down altogether. So I consider myself actually quite lucky to be even here writing this blog today, never mind having the chance to redesign my website. Did you notice by the way? 

So to help uplift your spirits and spread of positive vibes (no covid pun intended), I’ve put together a few messages from just a handful of the wedding suppliers I work with… and highly recommend. These include everyone from videographers and wedding singers to magicians and even luxury candy cart hire (yes, you read that right).

So there isn’t much else to say apart from, take it away guys…       


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Melanie Gail – Celebrant

Instagram: melaniegailcelebrant

“Hi, I’m Melanie Gail, an ex Aussie girl and now a proud North Yorkshire woman and wedding celebrant. I love being a celebrant but ouch! It’s hard not spending time with happy couples and sharing a laugh with them.  The best part of the job is meeting a couple, finding out about them, how they met, what they love about each other and all the rest of their love story and we usually spend a couple of hours together talking through the story and their dream ceremony.  What’s not to love about that?”

Becky Bowe – Wedding Singer

Instagram: becky.bowe

“The one thing I’m looking forward to when weddings are back is the interaction with family and friends. I miss dancing and just having conversations with relatives that I haven’t seen in years…it’s such a warm fuzzy feeling. 

“I love how my work is gives me so much freedom and enjoyment. How it makes people feel relaxed and have fun with an evening or whenever I’m singing. I love peoples reactions and just making them feel happy, it’s the best job in the world xx”

Neil Bradley-Smith – Magician

Instagram: neilmagician

“As an entertainer what is there not to love about a wedding? I get to chat and laugh with couples and their guests whilst doing something that I love, and when your job is your passion not being able to do that job for 12 months feels like a lifetime. I can’t wait to get back in to the swing of weddings, talking to brides and grooms about their plans for their special day, setting up surprises for one or the other, or someone else in the wedding party in some cases and then helping them to make all those plans a reality.

“My job is to make sure that everyone is looked after, is having fun and is entertained. If something is running late or not going quite to plan (sometimes things don’t at a wedding, there’s so much happening) no one should notice, and the bride and groom know don’t need to worry as they they have someone there who has everything under control… Me!

“I can’t wait to get back to creating magic with you again soon!”

Chris Spittal – DJ 

Instagram: yorkshire_dj_beats

“It’s been a strange year, I think we can all agree. As a DJ you’d think there’s not really much we can do while this has all been going on, but you’d be wrong, as we’ve been practicing loads. DJing is a skill and you need to practice to get better and I have to say we are all better than we’ve ever been. Making remixes and mashups is a passion of mine and I do love to create music too. 

“What I do miss is making couples’ days. Entertaining everyone no matter their age, I love to see a full dance floor and people having fun at our photo booths. I’m sure we will be back soon and we will be ready! One of the ways we do this is by giving our clients access to an app “VIBO” to pick songs for their big day. Not only that, but you can invite your guests to collaborate with you. If Uncle Bernard picks a really bad song, you can mark it as do not play and Uncle Bernard will be non the wiser. This really makes sure that your wedding is everything you want it to be. 

Every couple is different and every wedding is different, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My goodness I miss it, being a wedding DJ is a passion. It’s a life style. It takes up so much of your week preparing and talking to customers. It’s not just a turn up and throw some tunes on job. To do it well, you have to do so much more. Even though it takes up loads of my time, I still miss it loads.

“Covid has given me time to look at the business, to see what we can do better and for that I am slightly thankful that I’ve used the time wisely. 

“Yorkshire DJ Beats will be back….bigger and better and making couples’ evening do the best it can be. See you on the dance-floor!”

Silvia Roig – Wedding Stylist 

Instagram: sugarcrushweddings

“The wedding industry as a whole has had a very tough time and what we have missed the most at Sugar Crush Weddings are the long chats with our couples to organise their big day. As we do from stationery to venue dressing, favours and bouquets the minute we went into lockdown and weddings got cancelled it meant not getting to share the enjoyment and the happiness from our brides and grooms to be.”

Sonia Schofield – Hair & Make-up Artist 

Instagram: sonia.schofield.mua

“The thing I am missing about weddings is the social interaction and of course the creativity that goes with my work. Hair and make-up is classed as a personal service so I was shut down for a long time after lockdown, when many other sectors were beginning to open. I have missed making brides look and feel beautiful and seeing their reactions when they look in the mirror for the first time. As my business is so important to me I have taken this time to do extra training, like the afro and textured hair course I took in the summer. I also work in my studio with my dolls head creating lots of new hair styles. I think during this difficult time many wedding suppliers have bonded and supported each other which means when we can go back to work we will certainly have a fantastic network of people we can all recommend to our couples.I am looking forward to the buzz and excitement of a wedding morning and sharing in a very special moment in someone’s life.”

Emily Westerby – Hair & Make-Up Artist

Instagram: julianweststudio

“Each wedding morning has its own individual feel. There’s something magical about seeing family and friends coming together to make the morning of their day as beautiful and special as they deserve. We get to make them feel as beautiful as they have ever felt. We see the faces of the people who love them the most, the happy tear, the proud father, mother and best friend. Those are the moments we miss the most. Those are the reasons why we love what we do so much and we can’t wait to be able to do what we love again.”

“Julian West 🤍”

21 Degrees Weddings – videographer

Instagram: 21degreesweddings

“There is not one particular thing we are looking forward to when the wedding industry gets back into action, we’re looking forward to everything! We can’t wait to be back filming our couples special day as they celebrate with all the people they love. We have been supporting our couples as best we can throughout this time however we will be over the moon when we are able to be back out filming our couples special day.

“We, just like everyone else have missed being able to socialise, we are so used to having a chat with the bridesmaids as they get ready and talking to different guests as the day goes on. We can’t wait to be back out capturing the most important day of a couples life with all the people that mean the most to them. 

“There are so many things we love about our work however the main one would be the ability to eternalise memories for people. We have couples contact us years later to tell us how much it means to them that a beloved grandparent is on video enjoying themselves or giving a speech. We dedicate ourselves to our work so that we can continue to offer so many couples a lifetime memory of a magnificent day. We don’t think there is anything more special than being part of someone’s wedding and it is why we love what we do!” 

Amy Valentine – Luxury Candy Cart Hire 

Instagram: ohsodeliciousuk

“Here at Oh So Delicious Ltd the thing we miss the most about the events sector is definitely being at all of our wonderful clients events. We love entertaining your guests, providing them with sweet treats and laughing at their drunk jokes and antics! 

“It’s been so strange not being involved with so many events and couples and planners this past year, we would do anything to be able to make your day special and enjoyable for the hosts! We love finalising the finer details such as the decor for the cart, the colour theme and how the client wants it to look and fit in at their event too.

“Fingers crossed we can get back to what we love sooner than later!

“Amy xx”

But eh, we’re past the worst of it now so come later in the year, hopefully we’ll be reunited and you’ll be able to join us too. 

So until your big day, stay safe.

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