You’re engaged to be married – exciting!

The venue’s all booked, flowers are ordered and that dress is stashed safely in your wardrobe under lock and key. All you need now is to find a Yorkshire wedding photographer, who’s got the credentials and charisma to bring your special day to life. A camera-savvy shutterbug, who’s as excited about the prospect of your marriage as you are.

Sound like what you’re looking for?

If so, I could well be the wedding photographer you’ve been waiting for. Read on, and I’ll tell you everything about me, and my style…


Being a wedding photographer, my style is a big thing, and no ladies, I’m not talking about my outfit.

You’ll often find it dubbed as storytelling, photojournalism, documentary or reportage wedding photography, but I just prefer to call it ‘hands off’ because in essence, that’s what it is. I let you shape your own wedding album by enjoying your day, and most importantly, being yourself.

I’m quite a covert photographer, so for a good chunk of the day you won’t even know I’m there. Not that I’m unsociable, that’s just how I catch you naturally as each moment unfolds. However you’ll see me surface at key intervals such as your speech, cake cutting and first dance to snap some more ‘in the moment’ shots.

If you’re after a varied wedding album that’s rich in personality, my style of photography will suit you down to the ground.


Your wedding day isn’t just one event – it’s a string of moments that when knitted together create one of the most memorable days of your life. So to give you an idea of how I capture each moment, here’s a rundown of just some of the wedding photos I look to shoot…


There’s no disguising the amount of effort that goes into bridal prep, which is why documenting it is first on the agenda. From your hair and those heels to WOW, that dress, I make it my mission to capture every last detail.

See for you, this moment’s probably as precious as the ceremony itself. It’s the last time the single you can ‘work it’ behind the lens before walking down the isle! Groups shots with your bridesmaids work particularly well here and are a great way to ease that lump in your throat.









Don’t worry gents, I haven’t forgotten about you, only I’ll probably be meeting you at the venue for these shots. Your Mrs will have most likely kept me busy. Nevertheless, a couple of snaps of you and the lads before the ceremony is a sure way to calm the nerves.

*If shots of you and your boys can’t wait for your Mrs to get ready, then I’d consider adding a second photographer to your package.


Have all the months of planning and preparation paid off? Well, now’s the moment of truth as you walk down the isle in what feels like  s l o w  m o t i o n , and fall into each others arms.

Just like your giddy gasp as your partner says “Yes”, this shot holds so much meaning. I know because I’ve caught it that many times, often without being spotted. Hint – you may find me camouflaged amongst your relatives in the front row or emerging from the top of the isle, poised with my camera in hand.



Sorry, I refuse to debate this. The confetti shot is must have for your wedding photos, providing your venue permits it. It’s a shower of hope, happiness, joy but mainly paper shavings, that welcome the start of your new life together (sweet!). No, it really is – confetti is Italian for ‘sweets’, and remains on of the best ways to give your wedding photography a playful twist.


As much as you’ll be the centre of attention, ultimately all weddings come back to one thing – family. Two of them in fact, who’re coming together to celebrate the love you both share for each other. So you could argue these shots, are just as or if not more important, that those taken during the ceremony.

With these types of moments I take a more hands-off approach, scouting them out as they unfold naturally. Although if you are after some specific family shots with a bit more of a posey edge, we can arrange these too.


Now the big day’s in full swing, I may steal you away for a few minutes to get some couple shots. These would be more relaxed, slightly more posed and be a chance for you both to let your hair down out of the spotlight.

If your venue’s a stately home, this could be a walled garden or a terrace. If a theatre’s where you’re tying the knot, you may wish to shoot these up in the dress circle. Or if you’ve opted for a farm wedding, a view of the British countryside and some wellingtons may be all you need.

*If you’d prefer to take a quick trip to get these photos, that’s another route we can take… especially if it’s in a Rolls Royce.

PS/ If your partner is still practicing their stance on one knee, engagement photography may be more appropriate…



Love your work - how do we make you our wedding photographer?

Aww thanks guys!

You have a choice. You can either use my contact page or reach out to me on 07754 423780. Just a word of warning, I can natter!

What I’ll need is your wedding date and a couple of other details. Although it’s mostly a chance to get to know a bit about you, what you’re after and throw some ideas around. If you’re keen and would also like to give my contract the once over, do let me know and I’ll send it across.

How many wedding photos do you get?

Choose me as you’re wedding photographer and you’ll have a pretty large answer to this. On the day I can take anywhere between 1000 – 3000+ shots! Photo selection and editing usually narrows this number down to somewhere around the 500 mark. But ultimately, this all depends on your wedding.

Some are fast-paced extravaganzas that’ll have me, and potentially a second photographer, snapping every couple of seconds. Whereas others that are slightly more laid back could see us scouting your venue to find the perfect couple shot.

The big day’s a while off - could I add an engagement shoot to my wedding photography?


Engagement shoots are a great way to spice up your wedding photography. Not only are engagement shots great for your wedding invitations, but they’re also a perfect way for you to get used to me, the camera and try out some wedding photo ideas before the big day. All things that can make your wedding photography even better!

*Opt for my either my Sweet or Ethereal package and you’ll get your engagement shoot included!

We're not the ‘conventional’ type - can you help us with wedding photo ideas?

Gladly! I’ll let you into a secret – neither am I.

I welcome wedding photography with a ‘less traditional’ twist, in fact in some cases I prefer it. So if you’ve got a kooky idea brewing, don’t keep it quiet, let me know! I’d love to bounce some ideas off you! Here’s a couple to get you started… (listen up fellas)

Get a picture with your pooch or train them to be your ring bearer (cute!). Hire a horse and carriage for a more fairytale entrance. Jump into a lake holding hands and wash your single life away – just make sure you have a makeup artist + an extra outfit on standby.

Got you thinking?

What should be included in a wedding photography package? How do I compare?

Quite a bit should be included in a wedding photography package if you ask me, although that will depend on the breed of photographer.

Some of us will charge a base price for their package with any extras coming in at a further cost. So that’ll be things like your prints, canvases, a pre-shoot consultation and even in some cases, your wedding album. Whereas others will include some of, if not all these features, in our package.

Me, for example. Simplicity, my most affordable package, includes a consultation visit, a professionally edited online gallery, an A3 photo book and even a canvas print. And while we’re on the subject, my wedding photography prices are pretty competitive too. Why? Because a busy calendar of happy customers who’ll use me again and recommend me to their friends, holds so much more value.

Do you really need a wedding photographer?

Yes, I’d say you really do need a wedding photographer and I’m not just saying that because I’m one myself.

Weddings are a once in a lifetime experience that we all want to remember – that’s why we invest SO much money and time into perfecting them. Everything from the flowers in our bouquet to even the shapes in the confetti, has been meticulously planned and thought out.

Precisely the reason why wedding photography makes so much sense. Hire a photographer to cover your special day and you’ll have the breathing room to soak it up, and most importantly, ‘do you’. The secret ingredient to all good wedding photos.

If Covid postpones my big day, will you still be my wedding photographer?

Of course…

How I deal with Covid is pretty straight forward. If it forces you to rearrange your big day, simply re-book with me later down the line. Your deposit will still be valid.